Kay Wiley

Kay Wiley shares her own version of love as she tells us the story of her first date with her husband Chuck. She shows that love is not always perfect, but somehow it always finds a way to reach your heart. She also reminds us how quickly life can change, something as simple as a game of ping pong or a bad feeling in your stomach can alter the course of the rest of your life. Kay and Chuck have been happily married for more than 50 years, and were happy to share their story.


Bill Sharp

Bill Sharp may look like your typical retiree, but not to long ago he was a hero. In his younger years, he worked as a firefighter for the Franklin, PA Fire Department. In his tenure, one of the largest fires in state history occurred at the Amalie Oil Refinery in Franklin. Bill tells us the story of this fire that can only be referred to as “the big one.”


Richard Sloan

In the small town of Eau Claire lives a man who enjoys hunting, relaxing, and walking his dog. To most Richard Sloan is just that, a man who keeps to himself. The saying goes “Never judge a book by its cover.” This saying could not be truer with Richard. Growing up in a small town with all his brothers, the Sloan boys were always getting into something. The stories that Richard can tell you will have you in awe. In this particular story listen to him tell his son Mark Sloan about his favorite home cooking, light sources and wolves.

Bonnie Parker

In the midst of the phone calls, paperwork, and frenzy that goes into the life of being the social worker for the New Wilmington Presbyterian Senior Home you will find Bonnie Parker. She always has a smile on her face and has many intriguing stories to tell someone that will listen.  Many of her stories go back to when her grandfather lived with her family and his interesting superstitions. In this interview Bonnie recounts her fond memories of living with her grandfather to her two daughters and how it impacted her live.


Maxine Kalcevic

Whether it be as an aid, riveter, head nurse, or even trying to enter the army, Maxine Kalcevic never had an issue getting a job. Moving from New Brighton, to Detroit, and to Grove City she kept herself very busy when she started working. However, all of her adventures seemed to bring some sort of hazard her way. In this interview Maxine sits down with her friend Kay and talks about some of her jobs and the hazards that came with them.


Harold Offutt

Harold has been living in the Lawrence county area for ninety-seven years, seventy-five of which he has spent married to his wife, Lois. If you are welcomed into the home of Harold and Lois, you will find many of their handcrafted keepsakes. Although he isn’t able to any more, Harold spent the majority of his life working with wood and creating treasures for his children, his grandchildren, and his great-grandchildren. For Harold, woodworking was not only an enjoyable pastime, but more importantly, it was a labor of love.

Dorothy Pollock

Dr. Dorothy J. Pollock majored in chemistry at Westminster College during World War II and she is still involved as a devoted alumna today. Dorothy and her close friend Dr. Helen Boylan, a chemistry professor at Westminster now, talk about how the college was different during the war years.